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Enjoying yourself amalgamating the delights of drink, food, sport and other entertainments has been going on for a long time now...

As said elsewhere, this is a national information service, edited by Steve the Beermeister, who wants to share with you our long experience of finding the best ale and food in the finest bars throughout the land, which has been gained by visiting towns and cities as discerning travelling sports and music fans, who want to find the best on offer quickly and without hassle.  

This site is nowhere near its potential right now, but it will continue to grow and evolve organically.  Should you wish to suggest additions to any places on this site, or tell us about pubs, bars, hotels or restaurants and inns not on the site, please feel free to email us (see our 'contact' page) and all suggestions will be considered and gratefully acknowledged if used, many thanks. We value your involvement in helping this site to grow.
Steve the Beermeister is a freelance journalist and can be contacted at steve@beer-meister.co.uk and is prepared to take on more diverse journalism as required.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any journalistic research, photographs or articles you wish help with, or to be written.
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