Enjoy playing away from home... 

That's our slogan, 'enjoy playing away from home', not that we're trying to entice people into neglecting their marriage vows!  Indeed, Beermeister was created as the site for people who like to follow their team playing away from home, who wish to enjoy themselves, and to drink and eat away from home in relative tranquility, mixing well with the locals.  However, don't let me put you off immediately if you are not interested in football, as the site continues to develop for all people with good taste who travel to towns and cities they are not familiar with.

So, welcome to the online home of The Beermeister.

This is a national information service that wishes to share with you our long experience of finding the best ale and food (and more) throughout the land.  Places are chosen with primary reference to quality, and so that you may enjoy yourself free from worries.  Please note, the views expressed are those of the editor, unless otherwise referenced.  Wherever possible, links are made to our recommendations' own websites.

If you are searching for noisy pubs with cheap lager and a rowdy clientele, this is not a site for you, but, of course, there are many other websites that will provide generously for you, also, fanzines and programmes tend to suggest great places for away fans to eat and drink at, and I'm not necessarily a bad source if you contact me directly either!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the website, why not get in touch if you have any suggestions for the site, useful information, or would like to find out more about towns and cities with sports venues (or music or just visiting), or if you just wish to make a comment?  Your involvement is very much valued, thank you.  

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Remember to enjoy the whole experience when your team are playing away from home...

Steve the Beermeister is a freelance journalist and can be contacted at steve@beer-meister.co.uk and is prepared to take on more diverse journalism as required. Please feel free to contact me if you have any journalistic research, photographs or articles you wish help with, or to be written.
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