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You may have realised on reading this site that, when I find a place I feel comfortable in, I tend not to wander off to other places too much, well, in Doncaster, that place is The Leopard, 2 West Street, DN1 3AA (01302 363 054). It is also very close to the railway station, so is reached early on your visit and, quite frankly, I find it hard to get away from. Now, I do have to own up to not visiting for a while, so any updates about any of these bars, and other suggestions, would be very welcome please, and thank you!  

The Leopard is a fairly large pub with a traditional glazed tile exterior and which, I think, looks quite imposing (and I do remember a night there when I helped stop a lovely fiery young Italian lass beat up a local, another anecdote for another time). Inside, it isn't the most comfortable place to be, 2 good sized bar areas, one carpeted and the other stone flagged. There are 3 handpumps, usually with a beer from Glentworth Brewery, which I always go for (suits my taste, is locally brewed, and Alan, the brewer, is a great bloke, so happy to support his long-time venture) and all the beers always appear to be in top form here.

So, what do I like about it except from the ales? Well, I always get a friendly welcome from whoever's behind the bar, it has a great juke box, and the staff are sympathetic to the customers when it comes to altering volume, a great music venue, small gigs downstairs and larger gigs upstairs, where the capacity is 200, and which has featured many bands including Travis and Kasabian, there is a very broad range of folk as customers, younger, older, trendy, not so trendy, and I've exchanged varied views safely with the locals. So, even if you are wanting a variety of places to visit in Doncaster, I would recommend you have at least one drink here.

Then again, Doncaster has 3 Weatherspoons/Lloyds bars if you want the usual good value drink and food, if not that exciting, but it also has at least 2 other bars to visit close by the Leopard, including The Plough Inn, 8 West Laith Gate, DN1 1SF (01302 738 310) a 'real pub' in the town centre, known locally as the "Little Plough". Again, a friendly welcome, which is actually quite normal in these parts, and good value, with ales not much more than £2.00 a pint on my last visit, which I imagine has been well increased by now though.

The Plough is on the CAMRA inventory of unspoilt interiors and a regular CAMRA award winner. The main bar appears to have been 2 rooms originally, with 2 tiled fireplaces, and the room at the rear also has an unspoilt fireplace with fine stained glass windows. The ales were in good condition on my last visit, there was a favourite of mine on from Copper Dragon Brewery from Skipton in West Yorkshire, and this is a welcoming place for away fans, well worth the visit (when I can get away from elsewhere).


                              Cask Corner                                                          The Dive Bar (Cask Corner)                                                       The Corner Pin 

The third of the four pubs I am recommending is The Corner Pin, 145 St Sepulchre Gate West DN1 3AH (01302 340670). Many in the real ale fraternity consider this to be the best real ale venue in Doncaster, so has to be worth a visit. Another very friendly place, still close to the station, and with well kept ales. Again, 2 rooms occupied by very friendly locals (I do have a few pals from Donny, and the local populace does tend to be very friendly, though, like anywhere, you can meet not-so friendly people, though rarely, for a very good reason, in the venues I recommend). Yet again, the good selection of ales at the Corner Pin included Copper Dragon's Golden Pippin, and in very good form, so I was happy.

The 4th bar opened in 2010 and is called Cask Corner, 3 Cleveland Street DN1 3EH (01302 366277) which is a bright open space, with bare floorboards and wooden benches and tables with upholstered wooden chairs; forgive my photographs, no flash and taken at night!  The Cask sells 100 different bottled beers, which are listed on a blackboard fixed to the wall, very reminiscent of a bar I've visited a few times in Brussels which had about 500 listed on their board, but still an excellent attempt at supplying a wide choice of beers. They sell up to 10 cask ales and 2 real ciders from 12 handpumps, and this was the local CAMRA 2012 Pub of the Year.  I would be interested in further reviews please.


Thanks to David, Sean and Neil for their separate advice regarding Donny, and to Marc at Cask Corner.

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